Evidence and potential mechanisms for mindfulness practices and Energy Psychology for obesity and binge eating disorder

Citation (APA style): Sojcher, R., Gould-Fogerite, S., & Perlman, A. (2012). Evidence and potential mechanisms for mindfulness practices and Energy Psychology for obesity and binge eating disorder. Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing, 8(5), 271-276. doi:10.1016/j.explore.2012.06.003


Obesity is a growing epidemic. Chronic stress produces endocrine and immune factors that are contributors to obesity's etiology. These biochemicals also can affect appetite and eating behaviors that can lead to binge-eating disorder. The inadequacies of standard care and the problem of patient noncompliance have inspired a search for alternative treatments. Proposals in the literature have called for combination therapies involving behavioral or new biological therapies. This manuscript suggests that mind-body interventions would be ideal for such combinations. Two mind-body modalities, energy psychology and mindfulness meditation, are reviewed for their potential in treating weight loss, stress, and behavior modification related to binge-eating disorder. Whereas mindfulness meditation and practices show more compelling evidence, energy psychology, in the infancy stages of elucidation, exhibits initially promising outcomes but requires further evidence-based trials.

Keywords: obesity, binge eating disorder, Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT, mindfulness meditation, mindful eating, energy psychology

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